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Counterfeiters on the Rise – Challenges and Best Practices
Akino Chikada, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, MarkMonitor

Companies suffer an estimated $461 billion1 in lost revenue to counterfeit goods and pirated content. In the online world, counterfeiters continue to evolve their tactics and employ sophisticated scams to profit from brand infringements – making it a challenge for brand owners to keep pace.

View this webinar to hear MarkMonitor brand protection expert Akino Chikada discuss the latest trends and tactics fraudsters are using to promote counterfeit goods online and key best practices for an effective brand protection strategy.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The latest scams counterfeiters are using to promote and sell their illegitimate goods
  • Challenges to businesses and considerations for protecting your company
  • What actions you can take to build an effective brand protection strategy

Download the webinar materials below.

 PDF of the Presentation (.pdf)

 Video of the Presentation


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