The Trademark Clearinghouse

As a centralized repository of validated trademark information, the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) supports ICANN's New gTLD Program. Through this clearinghouse, brand owners can submit trademarks for validation, which will allow brand owners to register those marks as domain names during Sunrise Periods, and learn when exact-match domain name registrations are made.

To participate in any new gTLD Sunrise, marks must be validated by the TMCH. The TMCH has been categorized as a Rights Protection Mechanism, however submission to the TMCH does NOT prevent registrations or block others from registering trademarks as domain names.

Companies should plan to submit any trademark for which they desire a Sunrise registration. Some Registries may have special jurisdictional requirements specifying that in order to qualify for a Sunrise registration, the trademark must be registered in a particular country or must be registered in a certain Class. While this may be more of an exception than the norm, companies should be prepared to submit additional trademarks for the same brands as each new gTLD Registry releases further information.

MarkMonitor offers assistance to brands and businesses with its Trademark Clearinghouse Services. Drawing upon their expertise and insight into the gTLD program and the Trademark Clearinghouse, MarkMonitor gTLD experts guide customers smoothly through the submission process. As only ICANN-accredited Registrars—such as MarkMonitor—can utilize TMCH-validated trademarks to apply for Sunrise Registrations, MarkMonitor is uniquely positioned to provide true end-to-end service

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