Domain Consulting Services

Expert, data-driven domain strategies for maximum success in the New gTLD era

MarkMonitor® Domain Consulting Services are customized consulting engagements designed to inform, create and help execute corporate domain portfolio strategies across the domain management lifecycle. The focus is on maximizing the business value of corporate domain portfolios, carefully sizing and weighing the potential business impact of digital-world threats and opportunities—most notably, those associated with new gTLDs.

These services are delivered by a technology-enabled, data-driven team employing unique gTLD expertise, enterprise-aligned domain management best practices and rigorous analysis techniques.

While every MarkMonitor Domain Management client benefits from direct access to our domain experts and a complimentary suite of consulting services, Domain Consulting Services are available when companies require a more thorough needs assessment, deeper analysis and greater customization.

Domain Consulting Services Practice Areas

  • Domain Portfolio Optimization

    Leverages proprietary domain scoring methodology—and unique client requirements—to right-size domain portfolios. Assesses the relative value of each domain, identifying (low-value) candidates for registration lapse and (high-value) domain names for recovery and/or registration, and then optimizes recommendations in light of a client's risk tolerance.

    Intelligently reduces costs by identifying lower-risk portfolio reductions

    Optimizes portfolio value by registering and/or recovering high-value domains.

    Minimizes efficiency and resource drains associated with unnecessarily large portfolios

  • Domain Portfolio Audit and Risk Analysis

    Thoroughly reviews all corporate domain holdings and unauthorized third-party registrations. Examines business rationale, domain name utilization and relationships of unauthorized parties, while exposing defensive registration gaps, security vulnerabilities and most-threatened brands.

    Informs updates to domain strategies to maximize portfolio value

    Enables targeted, cost-effective closure of registration gaps

    Informs policing and remediation strategies for unauthorized registrations

  • Domain Strategy, Guidelines and Procedures

    Provides a comprehensive domain strategy reflecting the new realities in the domain name landscape. Includes complete domain name planning and budget modeling, plus comprehensive, customized guidelines and procedures reflecting corporate business goals and risk tolerance.

    Provides the where, when and how for registering domains

    Ensures that ongoing domain registrations support corporate business objectives

    Facilitates planning and budgeting processes

Superior, Expert Guidance from the Leader in Brand Protection and Domain Portfolio Management

As the industry's leading ICANN-accredited, corporate-only Registrar, MarkMonitor manages global domain portfolios for more than half of the Fortune 100, including 7 of the 10 most highly trafficked websites in the world. Domain Consulting Service highlights include:

  • Deep brand protection expertise, with in-depth knowledge of metrics-driven, enterprise-aligned best practices

  • Data-driven insights and rigorous analysis techniques

  • Unparalleled new gTLD expertise

  • Real-time access to Thomson Reuters' global trademark data and proprietary domain research tools

  • Maximum protection for your revenues and reputation in the digital world

New gTLD Availability Listing

Use our quick reference catalog to quickly find key information about recently announced new gTLDs.


Preparing Your Brand for a New gTLD World


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