Top-Level Domain Advisory Services

Expert guidance in the new Internet frontier

As the Internet domain name space opens up an unlimited number of new Top-Level Domains (TLDs), global corporations will gain unprecedented opportunities to operate their own "islands" on the Internet. But risks abound, too: TLDs could be sought by organizations with competing trademarks, resulting in lost traffic and brand degradation. Additionally, the new TLDs may offer fertile ground for cybersquatters and other brand abusers.

MarkMonitor® Top-Level Domain Advisory Services are designed to help companies understand the issues, develop the right strategy, participate proactively or defensively in the application process and ensure relevant TLD acquisition. Implementation, launch and ongoing registry operation services are also offered.

Top-Level Domain Acquisition and Management Services

  • Strategy Development

    Performs opportunity and risk assessment, plus investigation and research to enable informed "go/no-go" decisions.

    Helps companies develop the optimal strategy for leveraging opportunities and limiting risks, by determining the potential impact of alternative TLD scenarios.

  • Application Submittal

    Helps prepare and submit ICANN application, assists in responding to potential objections and string contention and facilitates pre-delegation procedures.

    Enhances a company's chances of successfully acquiring a branded or industry-based TLD by leveraging ICANN experts with thorough knowledge of the application process.

  • Implementation and Launch

    Manages the overall implementation and testing of the registry system, as well as all operational and procedural aspects of the launch.

    Experience a trouble-free, successful launch by leveraging the deep understanding of MarkMonitor regarding TLD-launch policies and rights protection mechanisms and procedures.

  • Ongoing Operations and Compliance Monitoring

    Provides post-launch guidance and ongoing TLD operation and maintenance support. Services include ongoing domain registration and management, implementation of TLD policies, content monitoring and ICANN advocacy.

    Maximizes return on TLD investment by reviewing and/or refining TLD processes and procedures while monitoring domain registrations and web content for non-compliance.

Brand Protection Strategies

  • Objection Filing and Dispute Resolution

    Identifies potential TLD applications posing brand threats and provides assistance in filing objections and corresponding with the designated dispute resolution provider.

    Helps to prevent the creation of unwanted TLDs which threaten your brands.

  • Highlights
    Streamlines the process of collecting, submitting and managing submissions to the Trademark Clearinghouse and provides constant visibility into trademark submissions and current status.

    Ensures accurate submissions and enables smooth Sunrise registrations in new gTLDs and seamless management of SMD Files.

  • Defensive Registrations and Brand Monitoring

    Provides guidance on defensive domain registration in new TLDs, and technology for detecting and responding to brand infringement in new TLDs.

    Helps minimize brand abuse within new TLDs as they emerge.

Deep insight, neutral perspective, and brandholder advocacy. As the world's largest corporate registrar and with long-time expertise in corporate domain strategy, MarkMonitor enjoys relationships with every key industry constituency. MarkMonitor is committed to providing the community with timely, accurate information on the new TLD process, along with unbiased perspectives on how brandholders will be affected.

Additionally, as application and other issues arise which might negatively affect our clients, MarkMonitor will be a strong advocate, to ICANN and in other forums, on behalf of brandholders.

All new gTLD services and solutions offered by MarkMonitor are pending final rules and requirements set forth by ICANN.

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