MarkMonitor Trademark Clearinghouse Services

Secure Your IP Rights in the New gTLD Landscape

New generic top-level domains (gTLDs) represent the next major milestone in the expansion of the Internet namespace. The Trademark Clearinghouse, one of the rights protection mechanisms put in place by ICANN to protect brand owners, is a centralized repository of validated trademark information. Submitting marks into this clearinghouse will allow brand owners to participate in Sunrise registration periods, purchase "blocking" and receive notification when exact-match domain registrations are made.

Considering the many conditions for submission to the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH), managing the process will be complex and time-consuming for most global brands. As only ICANN-accredited Registrars—such as MarkMonitor®—can utilize TMCH validated marks to apply for Sunrise Registrations and "blocking," MarkMonitor is uniquely positioned to provide true end-to end service. MarkMonitor Trademark Clearinghouse Services streamlines the entire process from trademark collection and submission to management.

Trademark Clearinghouse Services Highlights

  • Streamlines the process of collecting, submitting and managing submissions to the Trademark Clearinghouse

  • Provides constant visibility into trademark submissions and current status with the MarkMonitor Trademark Clearinghouse Manager

  • Promotes accuracy of submissions with trusted experts and access to Thomson Reuter's proprietary trademark data

  • Enables smooth Sunrise registrations in new gTLDs and seamless management of Sunrise Codes (SMD Files)

  • Provides notifications of upcoming Registry launches, eligibility requirements and pricing

  • Supports centralized management of domain names and Trademark Clearinghouse submissions within the industry-leading MarkMonitor portal

  • Protects brands by supporting requirements necessary for "blocking" registrations of validated trademarks across approximately 200 new gTLD Registries

Unparalled service and industry know-how. When it comes to navigating the complicated trademark submission process, brands need expert guidance. Drawing upon their expertise and insight into the gTLD program and the Trademark Clearinghouse, MarkMonitor gTLD experts guide customers smoothly through the submission process from beginning to end.

New gTLD Availability Listing

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